Multifamily Operating Standards Assessment & Improvement Council

MOSAIC is a New York Benefit Corporation designed to establish fair and independent operating standards for quality of living within the multifamily housing market.

The Council is comprised of independent building owners/operators, industry trade networks, tenant organizations, advocacy groups, banks, insurance companies, city agencies, elected officials and more.

Standards Review Council


Is rethinking the framework around industry transparency and accountability

The Council meets to review and determine the methodology and policies used to measure the quality of multifamily housing.

Feedback is submitted by the public and is entered into the algorithmic review cycle.


Algorithmic Review Cycle

Ask us Anything.

We are always looking for public feedback. Feel free to submit any questions, comments, or concerns and we will address it.

A representative will get back to you shortly.




We officially launched the MOSAIC homepage. The Council will meet for the first time in the first quarter of 2019.


Algorithm received ORCAA’s first official stamp of approval and was highlighted by Wired Magazine.


ORCAA, founded by Cathy O’Neil, was hired to conduct a full algorithmic review to ensure that it is fair and free from bias.


Rentlogic's board voted unanimously to open up the algorithm to the public and form MOSAIC.