Recognizing and rewarding great buildings

Rentlogic is an independent standards organization that grades all multi-family properties in the five boroughs. We combine physical inspections with public data to produce a letter grade that allows buildings to be fairly and objectively compared in terms of safety, quality of life and New York City’s warranty of habitability.

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Various signage options compliment any interior or exterior decor. Each Building Certification comes with signage, an inspection and report.
The signage capture foot traffic and directs it to your leasing office or brokerage.

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Rentlogic Certified Building Program

The criteria for inspections were developed with stakeholders from all facets of the housing community. All on-site evaluations are conducted by vetted, licensed third-party inspectors who are appraisers and engineers. These inspections give owners the chance to dispute unsatisfactory building grades.

Learn more about our process here.
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The Rentlogic Building Certification Program is the
most cost effective way to upgrade your building

Prospective renters are more likely to sign a lease in a Rentlogic Certified building. Remind current residents and their guests of the value they
receive by choosing to live in a property managed by dedicated and responsive operators. Likewise, lenders and investors can be confident about where they deploy their capital.


of renters would sign a longer lease with a responsive building owner


of renters would sign a rental agreement quicker with a building that has been independently rated


of renters think the renting process would be easier if they had comprehensive information about the owner

New York City Transplants

Renting in a new city can be stressful and include a myriad of variables. The Rentlogic seal of approval takes out the guesswork.

The Sight-Unseen Renter

Ten percent of all leases are signed sight-unseen. A top-rating will go a long way in ensuring a renter's confidence, particularly if they do not have the opportunity to do an in-person tour of the property.


Families are often willing to pay a premium to ensure they are residing in a safe and healthy place, with no fear of safety or health issues affecting their loved ones.

Want to know what New York renters want out of an apartment?

Click here to download the white paper produced by Rentlogic & Radius Global

How the grading system works

Rentlogic Grades are built on open source public information obtained from the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development, Department of Buildings, and the Department of Environmental Protection. Confirmed code violations are assessed and weighed by severity. The property’s size and age are taken into account. The result allows for a fair comparison of all residential buildings in New York City. Our easily understood letter grades indicate whether a property is well maintained or neglected.

Most importantly, Rentlogic Grades are completely impartial. They are mathematically generated by an algorithm constructed to be fair. Our methodology’s development and application is overseen by a governing board composed of representatives from all constituencies of the housing sector. This high level of transparency enables both residents and operators to be confident that any grade we publish is entirely objective.

Rentlogic does not allow user generated reviews. Feedback from residents is obtained through building code violations, not complaints. If you would like to know more about how the algorithm works, click here to view our FAQ or speak to a representative.

Read some FAQs about how the ratings are computed
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How can I get certified?

Rentlogic Building Certification helps attract and retain tenants, and enhances your building's reputation. If you're interested in getting your property Rentlogic Certified, contact us now.


How can I improve my building's grade?

Rentlogic Building Certification criteria distills any range of open issues into actionable advice you can immediately implement. Contact us to learn more.