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How the rating system works.

Rentlogic Ratings are built on open source public information obtained from the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development, Department of Buildings, and the Department of Environmental Protection. Confirmed code violations are assessed and weighed by severity. The property’s size and age are accounted for. The result allows us to fairly compare any building against all others in the city. Our easily understood letter grades show whether a property is well maintained or neglected.

Most importantly, Rentlogic Ratings are completely impartial. They are mathematically generated by an algorithm constructed to be fair. Our methodology’s development and application is overseen by a governing board composed of representatives from all constituencies and is held in a Public Benefit Corporation. This very high level of transparency enables both residents and operators to be confident that any rating we publish is entirely objective.

Show off your well maintained buildings

As a renter, you now have the ability to research the quality and safety of any apartment before you sign a lease. You can expect the same level of information transparency in your apartment search as is available to you for any other major purchase. Rentlogic Ratings provide this transparency in a clear and accessible form.

As a landlord, you now have a powerful way to differentiate your properties from your competitor’s. As a Rentlogic client, you can display your certified rating on-site and in any marketing material. Certification shows prospective tenants that they are leasing an apartment in a high-quality building managed by a high-quality organization. Current tenants are reminded daily of the value they receive living in your building. Lenders and investors can be confident in where they deploy their capital.

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How do I get a Rating Card

Rentlogic Certification helps attract and retain tenants, and enhances building reputation. If you’re interested in showing your current and prospective tenants your letter grade, contact us now.

How can I improve my building rating(s)?

Rentlogic Certification criteria distills any range of open issues into actionable advice you can immediately implement. Contact us to learn more.