Certified Building Inspections

Rentlogic makes it easier for New York City residents to identify great places to live.

Rentlogic is an independent standards organization that grades all multi-family properties in the five boroughs. We combine physical inspections with public data to produce a letter grade that allows buildings to be fairly and objectively compared in terms of safety, quality of life and New York City’s warranty of habitability.

The criteria for inspections were developed with stakeholders from all facets of the housing community. All on-site evaluations are conducted by vetted, licensed third-party inspectors who are appraisers and engineers. These inspections give owners the chance to dispute unsatisfactory building grades.

The inspection standards have been built into an iPhone app which is used to faciliate on-site inspections.

The Rentlogic Certified Building Program

Getting Started

Rentlogic is striving for a city full of A-rated buildings. We understand that the City’s code is nuanced and all buildings are different. We also understand that wear and tear happens over the years, and a few upgrades can go a long way.

At a building owner’s request, Rentlogic will send a licensed third-party assessor to evaluate the building. This information is gathered on-site, then confirmed by Rentlogic. Upon completion, a comprehensive report on the property’s condition is provided.

The updated grade will appear instantly on Rentlogic, other partner sites, and nearly 1,000 listing sites supported by the Rentlogic browser extension.

Rentlogic is a Standards Organization

Because our priority is authenticity and accuracy, we enlist neutral third parties who will produce objective, fact-based reports.

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Timeline & Privacy

A typical inspection is initiated within 48 hours upon agreement. If issues are found, Rentlogic will let you know and you are given an opportunity to fix them. The whole process from start to finish including signage typically takes 14 days.

The final report is kept confidential until the building owners gives Rentlogic the green light to publish online.

Third-Party Assessments

Legitimacy is key to providing trustworthy ratings. We are currently partnered with Vanderbilt, PartnerESI, and ESI. We also welcome landlords to facilitate the inspection directly with a vendor of choice. If landlords wish to use their own inspector, they have to be properly licensed and must become certified for Rentlogic. Email [email protected] for more information.

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On-Site Assessment


Rentlogic gathers basic information about the building (size, units, year built) and the assessor will examine the exterior, entrance, basement, mechanical rooms and the roof. The assessor will take photographs and notes throughout the building. Assessor’s are trained to use reasonable judgement when completing a building evalauation.

View Complete Assessment Criteria

Typical Building Walk-through:

  • Heating and air conditioning must be functional.
  • Water and hot water must be functional.
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors must be functional.
  • Ensure that intercoms and door locks are functional.
  • Ensure that elevators are functional.
  • Building is free from vermin and pests.
  • No evidence of leaks.
  • No evidence of faulty wiring.
  • No evidence of mold.

The Assessor is Provided Access to ~5% of the Units in the Building:

  • Same criteria as building walk through.
  • Ensure that appliances are functional.
  • Ensure that windows are functional and have window guards if evidence of a child under 10 is present.
  • Ensure GFI outlets are present in kitchen and bathrooms.
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